In-House Support

For the past two decades, PSS has been a trusted partner of in-house billing organizations, providing a qualified workforce, management methodology, and production support utilizing your software. Our array of services is available on an interim temporary basis or under an extended agreement.

Take advantage of our expertise and of the economy of scale we bring as your trusted partner to insure your productivity, cash flow and cost effectiveness. Position your practice to address the challenges of rising healthcare costs, increased compliance and regulations, and reductions in reimbursement. Consider PSS to be your trusted partner.

Managing all the facets of your in-house billing organization is challenging to say the least. Securing the resources you need can be time consuming and expensive, compromising your ability to deliver the leadership demands by your physicians.

Consider evaluating our in-source services focused on increased income, cash flow management, consistent production, and accounts receivable management. Join other practices who consider Physicians Support Systems a most trusted and dependable resource.

In-house Support
In-Source Services


  • Comprehensive facility management, including personnel and production management
  • System operation including but not limited to management of production of day end processing, claim submission, EDI, remittance processing, daily back-up.
  • Review of software upgrade
  • Enrollment and enrollment issue resolution
  • Coding, production, and compliance auditing
  • Interface development for demographics and charges
  • Accounts receivable management and wind down
  • Credit balance review and refund processing
  • Appeal of denied claims
  • Resolution of compliance issues
  • Telecommunication services

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