We at Physician Support Systems recognize the uniqueness of billing for Pathology services. As part of our implementation we will evaluate your fee schedule and third party contracts, and establish an accession number based specimen reconciliation to insure that all services are captured and accurately adjudicated. The combination of our expertise, commitment, methodology, and sophisticated software will be your greatest asset in meeting the financial challenges of the medical marketplace of the future.


Our Approach:

Comprehensive Practice Management

Our comprehensive service begins with the assignment of a dedicated Client Service Executive, experienced in the aspects of coding, billing and accounts receivable management. This individual will coordinate our team of experts to optimize the performance of your practice from day one.

Your CSE will:

  • Confirm your financial reporting needs
  • Obtain and verify provider enrollment information
  • Establish and refine patient demographic, insurance and charge collection process
  • Monitor and ensure timely production of claims submissions
  • Maintain currency of accounts receivable
  • Analyze, interpret and present management reports
  • Review and negotiate managed care contracts
  • Facilitate documentation and code education
  • Interpret and disseminate payor-specific reimbursement information

Processing & Electronic Data Interchange Capabilities

Utilizing leading edge hardware and proprietary in-house software specifically designed for pathology practices, we ensure efficient and accurate capture of all patient activity including demographic, insurance and transcription information. Claims to all major payers are submitted electronically after a multitude of payor-specific diagnosis and charge edit screens, minimizing rejection, expediting turnaround time and optimizing cash flow.

Enrollment and Credentialing

Enrollment and Credentialing

At PSS our experienced enrollment staff effectively manage the complex, time-consuming process of enrolling and credentialing with health insurance plans. Our services provide you and your physicians with more time to practice medicine by eliminating this complicated administrative burden for you.

TeleResponse Service

Patient Communication

Physician Support Services handles all incoming and outgoing calls related to your billing. We act as your "public relations" professionals, providing congenial, responsive service to patients and third-party inquiries that save you time, reflect positively on your practice and accelerate private pay collection.

Management Reporting

Management Reporting & Financial Modeling

We'll help you see your whole financial picture with comprehensive monthly and standardized quarterly financial management reports. Our standardized monthly reports are supplemented with quarterly summaries of historical performance. We can also accommodate requests for additional reports, analysis and review.

Information Management Technology

Information Management Technology

Our 24/7 on-site technology staff guarantees consistent, effective processing and claim adjudication and serves as the foundation for everything else we do!

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