Contract Management

If your practice is like most, the majority of your income is generated from negotiated contractual agreements with third party payers. Many practices are not confident that their claims are being adjudicated according to the terms and conditions of those agreements.

At Physician Support Systems, we have the resources, technology and expertise to validate that your reimbursement is consistent with your negotiated contractual rates.

This validation capability can be available to your practice regardless of the specific software or billing service you are currently using.

Our extensive intelligence gained in over thirty years of working with third party payers will be an invaluable resource in negotiating and managing your third party payer contracts.

Our integrated contract payment validation software module insures accuracy and integrity of claim adjudication and payment determination. Combined with our accomplished professionals in evaluation, negotiation and financial management, we offer comprehensive solutions that can increase your practice income by identifying and correcting underpayments.

Learn how our payment validation system can work for you.

Payment Validation

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