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Rising healthcare costs, increased compliance regulations and reimbursement reductions have increased your administrative burdens and negatively impacted the cash flow of your medical practice. Position your practice to address the challenges of the competitive medical marketplace with the right partner to evaluate your coding, billing, accounts receivable management efficiency, and income generation.

At Physician Support Systems, we've been providing comprehensive coding, billing and accounts receivable management for radiologists, emergency physicians, anesthesiologists and pathologists since 1983. We understand the unique needs of your medical practice and offer concrete solutions to all your financial challenges.

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To determine if your current billing approach is providing the best solution for your future needs, or if you would like to evaluate opportunities for greater comprehensive services with a focus on cash flow management, increased income, and lower costs, PSS offers innovative consulting services tailored to your needs.

For specific details on how these consulting services can have a positive impact on your practice, contact PSS today for a no-cost initial consultation.

PSS's consulting services include:

  • Management of in-house billing organization
  • Complete Practice Management
  • Comprehensive Management Reporting
  • Electronic Claims Submissions and Remittance Advice Processing
  • Third Party Payer Contract Evaluation and Negotiation
  • Payment Verification
  • Development of Requests for Information and Requests for Proposals
  • Billing Cost Analysis
  • Outsource Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Outsource Management
  • Insource Consideration and Management
  • Accounts Receivable Validation

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