About Us

Since 1983, Physician Support Systems has established the standard for quality practice management and support, specializing in optimization of physician practice income through reimbursement and coding expertise, and efficient billing and accounts receivable management. Headquartered in Lititz, Pennsylvania, 40 miles from Harrisburg, PSS provides comprehensive support to radiologists, anesthesiologists, emergency physicians and pathologists in all 50 states.

Management's commitment to a highly qualified workforce and leading-edge technological capability offers clients a unique opportunity for optimization of practice income and significant cost reduction. PSS' in-house authored database-oriented software has been designed to complement efficient and effective accounts receivable management with extensive management reporting.

An Exceptional, Qualified and Committed Work Force

From executive management to clerical staff, over half of PSS' employees take pride in over a decade of service to our clients. That kind of dedication shows in the skill, knowledge, and responsiveness each person brings to their jobs and leads to the long-term success and retention we have with our clients. More than 2000 physicians rely on us each year, and continue to refer their colleagues to us!

Compliance, Security, and Integrity

The Board of Directors, executive management, and every PSS employee is committed to supporting your practice in the most ethical manner possible. Our uncompromising commitment to compliance with federal and state regulations, industry-accepted practices, and personal integrity is present in all aspects of the delivery of our services to you, your patients, and payors.

  • Patients' protected health information (PHI) is managed in a completely secure manner.
  • We maintain the highest standards of HIPAA compliance.
  • PSS compliance and integrity follow the guidelines provided by the Office of Inspector General (OIG).
  • We comply with written standards of business ethics and conduct.
  • We provide comprehensive training, continuing education programs, and continued quality assurance assessments.
We believe our partnership of expertise, commitment and capability is YOUR advantage in meeting the challenges of the competitive medical marketplace now and in the future!

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